Frosty Wooldridge is the son of a Marine Corps Master Sergeant. He worked his way thru school doing agricultural work. He served as an officer in the Army Medical Corps and also worked for a year in Antarctica. He taught grade school for several years and drove trucks during the summer. An avid world touring bicyclist, he has ridden over 100,000 miles on six continents. He writes from the Denver area about the destruction of his beloved America by immigration. Frosty appears on many talk radio shows and has had hundreds of columns published in newspapers. Below are some of his essays.

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Frosty possesses a unique view of world cultures and has seen overpopulation up close and ugly. Frosty has written hundreds of articles for 17 national and 2 international magazines. He has had hundreds of editorials published in top national newspapers including the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Albany Herald and Christian Science Monitor.

Frosty has guest lectured at Cornell University, teaching creative writing workshops, magazine writing at Michigan State University, and has presented environmental science lectures at the University of Colorado, University of Denver and Regis University. He lectures on "Religion and Ethics" at Front Range College in Colorado. Click here for Frosty's website or email him at

His first book, "HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS" by Falcon Press is available nationwide. His second book "STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE" by the Brookfield Reader published in January 2002. His bicycle books include "BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD." His explosive latest book is ‘IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION-DEADLY CONSEQUENCES.’ Copies may be obtained by calling 1-888-280-7715 at Author House or here.

How do we stop America from becoming a failed country like Mexico? You and millions of Americans who have joined and become faxers or phone callers weekly. You and millions joining to vote out the deadwood and vote in Americans to the Congress who will work for America in 2006. You and millions of Americans supporting Chris Simcox at and Jim Gilchrist at . Also, . Go to Frosty's website for more top sites where you can get involved in your state.

For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch Frosty in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards' "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the World Wide Web at . On the home page, click on, heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion. .

Write Frosty for his 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. If you are affected by illegal aliens, please write 600 to 800 words for national publication. Your can remain anonymous if you wish.

America's Death by a Thousand Cuts
16 May, 2005

Mexicanization Of America
1 June, 2005

Illegal Immigration: A Small Town Cop's Perspective
22 June, 2005

Europe's Immigrants are Centuries Behind
26 September, 2005

Illegal Immigration's Third World Momentum
10 October, 2005

Squalor, Superstitions, and Fantastic Sloth
5 December, 2005

Paul Revere Bycycle Ride
15 April, 2006

U.S. Trucker's Jobs On Chopping Blocks
10 September, 2007

Mutterings About What’s Left of Our Country
16 December, 2007

Teddy Kennedy’s Horrible Legacy for America
27 August, 2009

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