Professor Cosman taught Medical Law to medical students at the City College of New York for nearly 30 years. She wrote several books on various aspects of Medieval Europe. Madeleine served on the board of directors of the California Rifle and Pistol Association and is a stanch defender of the 2nd Amendment. She fought the destruction of California's Health Care system by illegal aliens and lived in San Diego. Below are some of her essays.

Illegal Aliens and American Medicine
10 June, 2005

Violent Sexual Predators who are Illegal Aliens
16 June, 2005

Speech at Carlsbad California (audio)
16 August, 2005

Medicalizing Illegal Aliens
24 August, 2005

A Letter from Osama
6 September, 2005

Bird Flu and Illegal Aliens
5 October, 2005

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