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Are you sick and tired of seeing your country turned into a Third World sewer by immigration? Are you tired of seeing your standard of living drop and our jobs exported to China? Are you tired of armies of H1B workers being imported from India to take what few jobs we have left? Are you tired of having to skip 1 for Spanish and 2 for Chinese? Are you tired of pressing 3 for English and getting a receptionist who barely speaks it?

The Republicans want the cheap labor and the Democrats want the cheap votes. No one in our party has been bought off. The Republican and Democrat leadership live in gated communities with security guards and do not have to put up with what we do. They don't care if our nation turns into a trash heap.

America is being destroyed by a modern version of Ghenghis Khan's army. This invasion makes the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor look like a pinprick. We are going to do something about it. If you are tired of this destruction, help us stop immigration and turn emigration into a flood.

Beware of charlatans in the immigration reform movement. While the big organizations have fancy websites and expensive offices, they are doing nothing. Don't waste your time and money on organizations which FAX the Washington D.C. politicians. Those traitors know what's going on and they don't care. Congress is in terror of the NRA and the AARP but they laugh at the immigration reform movement. They won't be laughing at us much longer.

Email us for our daily news letter at Let us know who you are and where you are located. Write us a short note about the impact of illegal immigration in your area. We have supporters all over the country. If you wish, we will put you in touch with the ones closest to you. We are now on our permanent server and this website will be growing daily. Check back with us often.

Remember the Alamo!

íViva la Migra!

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The Alamo
Unarmed Invasion

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Desert Crosser

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27 August, 2009